Virtual Office Tour

One of the many resources we provide as an agency that we take pride in, is our high-quality facilities. In each of our regions, we maintain a professional, attractive, and comfortable facility for our foster parents, foster children, and staff. It is important to us that our foster parents can access our offices easily, as they will be coming to the office frequently for training, therapy sessions, and more.

Each of our regional offices have been set up in a similar way, with the foster parents in mind! As you walk in, you will be greeted by an Office Manager or Receptionist, who will direct you to the comfortable waiting area provided for you. If you are there for a training, you will be brought to our training room that is set up specifically for the courses you will be taking to either become a foster parent, or fulfill your ongoing training needs. These training rooms/centers are set up to accommodate all of our foster parents comfortably. We strive to make sure our foster parents are as comfortable as possible, and ensure they have everything they may need while they are going through the training process.

All of our regional offices provide a playroom for younger children, while some also have a room to entertain adolescents. Part of making sure our foster parents are supported is making sure the children they may have with them are occupied and comfortable as well.

All of our staff work out of our regional offices, so you will always be able to find support or assistance when you need it! We value teamwork, and always want our foster parents to be taken care of, so they can best care for the children in their homes.

In the Kentucky regions, we provide therapy in our offices for the children in our care. This is a safe, neutral environment that allows children to feel comfortable opening up to their Therapist to start the healing process. We believe that providing this type of environment is in the best interest of the children we serve, and will have a positive impact on their lives.

Benchmark Family Services appreciates all of our foster parents, and the work they are doing to support the children we have in care. Providing our foster parents with a safe, and comfortable environment is one of the many ways we hope to show our appreciation!

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