Corporate Staff

Anthony Dill, Director of Training

Anthony Dill

Executive Director

  • Has been with the agency since May 1997.
  • Anthony is a licensed social worker and graduated from Capital University at Columbus, OH.
  • Prior to being employed by Benchmark Family Services, Anthony served 8 years in the United States Army as an EMT.
Teresa Knisley, Program Administrator

Teresa Knisley

Program Administrator

  • Has been with the agency since 1996.
  • Graduated from The Ohio State University with her Degree in Social Work.
  • She is a Licensed Social Worker.
  • In addition to working with Benchmark, her professional history has included working at the Department of Children Services and with Juvenile Court.
Michelle Slark, Senior Program Support Specialist

Michelle Leonard

Director of Training

  • Has been with the agency since 1995.
  • She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Wright State University in 1991 and is a Licensed Social Worker in the State of Ohio.
  • Her first job was with Clark County Department of Human Services, Children Services
  • She believes she has found her niche in her current position as Director of Training. Training staff, ensuring quality, supporting all of the employees, offices and the agency is what she likes doing best.
Elli Hicks, Director of Public Relations

Elli Hicks

Director of Public Relations

  • Elli has been with Benchmark Family Services since January 2017.
  • Elli received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Wright State University.
  • Prior to being employed by Benchmark Family Services, Elli worked as a Senior Digital Marketing Specialist for Naked Lime Marketing.


Tom Pechous

State Program Director

  • Tom has been with Benchmark since 2001
  • He graduated from Bethany College with a degree in social work and is certified as a licensed social worker
  • He has worked as a Case Manager, Licensing Specialist, Trainer, Supervisor, Regional Director, and State Director
  • Before joining Benchmark Tom spent five years developing and leading a community support team that assisted at risk children

Julie Carter

Director of Strategy and Development, Indiana

  • Julie has been with Benchmark since 2019, and is the Director of Strategy and Development for our Indiana team.
  • Julie received her Bachelor’s Degree in Addictions Counseling from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2012, and in 2016 received her Master’s Degree from Ball State University in Applied Behavior Analysis.
  • Prior to joining Benchmark, Julie spent 11 years employed by another therapeutic foster care agency serving in various roles.
Matt Oswald, Program Support Specialist

Matt Oswald

State Program Director

  • Matt Oswald has been with Benchmark Family Services since 2014.
  • Matt became part of our Program Support team in September, 2015 to help maintain quality and to develop processes which assist our staff in efficiency and compliance.
  • He is a graduate of Central Michigan University, where he earned his Bachelor of Education.


Sharon Scrivner, Assistant Kentucky State Director

Sharon Scrivner

State Program Director, Kentucky

  • She has worked for Benchmark Family Services since 2005
  • Sharon graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a degree in Psychology
  • She has worked in the social service field for over 15 years
  • Sharon worked for the Department of Community Based Services in Nicholasville, KY for 3 years before joining the team at Benchmark Family Services
Angela Johnston, Program Support Specialist

Angela Johnston

State Program Director

  • Has been with the agency since 2009.
  • She provided Case Management services in the Lexington Kentucky office until assuming quality assurance responsibilities in 2011 to ensure maintenance of standards for our CARF accreditation.
  • Angela became part of our Program Support team in December 2012 with focus on quality and processes in our Kentucky offices.
  • She received her Bachelor’s degree in Family Studies from the University of Kentucky in 2008.
Danica Kidd, Program Support Specialist

Danica Kidd

Program Support Specialist

  • Started with the agency in 2007, in Berea, KY, as a case manager until 2011.
  • Danica obtained her Bachelor of Science in Education from Eastern Kentucky University in 2005.
  • Became a TSS Supervisor for the Berea, KY office in November 2014.
  • In October of 2016, Danica joined the Program Support Team and is currently working out of the Berea, KY Regional Office providing support and assistance to Benchmark’s Kentucky offices.
  • Danica’s job responsibilities include internal monitoring of offices, training staff, and ensuring quality and processes are maintained to provide the best services for our families and youth.


Casey Balser

Director of Strategy and Development, Texas

  • Casey has been with Benchmark since 2012.
  • She is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University where she was awarded a bachelor’s degree in Child and Family Studies with an emphasis in Child Development.
  • Within Benchmark, Casey has served as a Therapeutic Support Specialist, Licensing Specialist, and Regional Director in multiple Kentucky regions before becoming a Director of Strategy and Development.

Advisory Board

Eli Williams

Advisory Board Member

  • Eli is President/CEO of Urban Light Ministries.
  • He has designed innovative programs which strengthen and support parents and especially fathers who are at risk for family relationship failure.
  • He is recognized as an authority in the area of fatherhood, authoring the book on the subject “Father Love-The Powerful Resource Every Child Needs”.

H. Anthony Stephens

Advisory Board Member

  • Bishop H. Anthony Stephens is the pastor of Abundant Life Apostolic Church in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • He served several years as corporate board President of Benchmark Family Services.
  • His experience includes work in juvenile probation and residential care for youth as a state administrator.

Mark A. McMillian

Advisory Board Member

  • Mark has over 25 years of experience in various human service capacities.
  • He is currently the Principal of the McMillian Group, LLC: Human Resources Training and Development Consultants.
  • Mark is a highly valued friend and consultant to Benchmark Family Services.

Ralph Williams

Advisory Board Member

  • Ralph is currently Executive Director of Christ’s Community in College Hill, Cincinnati.
  • Ralph has been recognized internationally for his innovative program development in the Juvenile Justice field.
  • He has previously served on the Benchmark Family Services Board of Directors.

Raymond Lloyd

Advisory Board Member

  • Raymond has over 40 years of experience working in the Child and Family Services Field.
  • As a training consultant to human services organizations, Raymond has trained for Benchmark on several occasions.

Todd O’Neal

Advisory Board Member

  • Reverend O’Neal has dedicated his life to enhancing the lives of youth and adults through music.
  • He has worked extensively with the Department of Correction, training and encouraging inmates.
  • Rev. O’Neal has enthusiastically supported Benchmark and its mission for many years.

Wade Thomas

Advisory Board Member

  • Wade has several years of experience working in the therapeutic foster care field.
  • Wade has frequently provided Benchmark Family Services with valuable and timely consultation.

Board Members

Dale Hartzog

Board President

Doug Radel


Scott Silver

Board Member

Heather Snyder

Board Member

Jess Masem

Board Member

William Wallzs

Board Member

Phil Cain

Board Member