Therapeutic Foster Care For Empty Nesters

Almost anyone can become a foster parent, as long as they meet the qualifications. Whether you already have your own kids, are a young couple, work full time, or are single, or older in age, you can become a foster parent. 

One demographic of people we often see show interest in foster care and ultimately become very successful foster parents are empty nesters. 

Empty nesters have had and raised their own children who are now grown and living outside of the house. For many individuals or couples, this empty nest phase of life can be a hard transition. It can often lead to what has been coined “empty nest syndrome”.

What is Empty Nest Syndrome?

Empty nest syndrome can start once your last child leaves your home. This change in lifestyle often can lead to feelings of sadness or loss. Empty nest syndrome is not an official or clinical diagnosis, but rather a set of symptoms commonly experienced by parents who are in a phase of letting their children go to start their own lives. 

Adjusting to an empty nest can be difficult for many people and often comes with a wide variety of emotions or struggles to manage including:

  • Loss of purpose
  • Emotional distress
  • Lack of control
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression
  • Loneliness

Luckily there are many ways to cope with and manage empty nest syndrome. This is when we see many couples explore the idea of becoming foster parents. For those whose own children have grown yet still feel led to continue their parenting journey, therapeutic foster care in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Indiana is a wonderful option. 

In fact, empty nesters make some of the best foster parents for a variety of reasons.

Why do ‘Empty Nesters’ Make Great Foster Parents?

  • they are experienced parents of adolescents
  • have space within their home
  • want to continue to care for a child
  • already have the experience caring for a child
  • seeking a new purpose or role
  • financial rewards
  • because they have raised a family that transitioned into independence, they are familiar with the cycle of loving and watching their child move 

Therapeutic Foster Care 

Whether you are an empty nester or in any other season of life, foster parenting could be a good option for you. For more information about the valuable and life-changing opportunity of becoming a therapeutic foster parent in Pennsylvania, Kentucky or Indiana contact our team at Benchmark Family Services today.