What We Do

Benchmark provides quality out of home placements for youth in need by working with referring agencies to guarantee the support, treatment and care they deserve. By recruiting and training a network of professional, therapeutic foster homes, we are able to offer our contracting agencies a variety of beds available for the youth they serve. Our program staff manages the cases assigned to our agency by providing weekly contacts and visits to the home and youth in care.

Therapeutic Foster Care

How is therapeutic foster care different than regular foster care? Therapeutic foster homes take in youth who have been severely neglected or abused. These therapeutic foster children can have a number of presenting issues that are a direct result from their past. We also serve a number of children with emotional, mental and physical disabilities. Most of the youth we serve are adolescents who require more intensive care and support.

Benchmark provides therapeutic foster care to youth in need by contracting with referring agencies to place in our foster homes. We recruit and train a network of professional foster homes ready to take in youth at a moment’s notice. We support our homes with on-going training, 24/7 on-call availability, financial reimbursement and professional support staff. Our program staff provides case management services for the referring agency by making regular contacts and visits with the youth placed in our homes. We report the progress of the child monthly to the referring agency through progress reports. We also coordinate therapy and psychiatric services for the youth in our care.