The Goal of Foster Care

Whether you are a foster parent yourself or know someone who is a part of the foster care system in any way, it is important to understand the goal of foster care.

In reality, foster care in Indiana, Kentucky, and across America has a few different goals.

Safe Living Conditions

The first goal of foster care is to provide children and youth with a safe and supportive home to live in when it is no longer safe for them to live with their biological families. Children are in foster care for a multitude of reasons, often it has to do with some form of abuse, neglect, or unsafe living conditions. 

Many times parents who have children in foster care are going through some kind of crisis. For this reason, foster care allows them to work on improving their current crisis, or situation while ensuring their children are safe and taken care of.

Family Reunification

The second goal of foster care is to reunite children with their biological family. Foster care serves as a short-term solution for children who are unable to live safely in their homes.

When it is determined that a home is unsafe for a child, child welfare agencies work diligently with the family to resolve the conflicts or disruptions that led to the child needing foster care.

The ultimate aim is for the biological parents to make the necessary changes to permanently regain legal custody of their children.

How Many Children Get Reunited with Their Families After Being in Foster Care?

We are happy to report that the most common outcome for children in foster care is reunification with their biological families. Across America, more than 50% of youth who enter foster care are safely reunited with their families. 

On average, most children and youth stay in foster care for about a year. This can vary depending on how quickly a family can resolve any conflicts and demonstrate they can provide a safe and stable home for their child to return to. 

Foster Care Success

With these two goals in mind, Benchmark Family Services is happy to say we have seen countless foster care success stories. The wonderful foster parents we work with provide safe and caring homes while biological parents work to resolve any issues and ultimately end in reunification. 

If you feel led to be a part of this process in supporting children and youth in Foster care, contact our therapeutic foster care agency today.