Helping as Many Children as Possible

Comfort Bears

Comfort bears are given to each child.

There are over 200,000 children entering the foster care system every year, and it is our job to help as many of those children in our regions as possible by finding them a safe, stable home where they can find comfort and begin to heal.

Often times when these children are removed from their homes, they don’t have time to gather many of their belongings. The belongings that they are able to grab end up being carried with them in a trash bag. This can make children start to think that they don’t belong or don’t matter.

It Starts with the Essentials

Blue Duffel Bags

Blue Duffel Bags provided by Together We Rise.

It is our mission to make sure that no child feels this way. When these children enter in to our care, we provide them with a duffel bag or backpack of some sort along with a few essentials so they begin to feel a little more comfortable. Nonprofit organization Together We Rise shares this mission, and has worked with our agency a lot to help provide children in foster with a few personal belongings.

Recently, Together We Rise partnered with AT&T to help provide duffel bags, or as they call them “sweet cases”, for our Bowling Green, KY office. These bags are filled with blankets, crayons, coloring books, hygiene items, and teddy bears and will be given to children coming in to our care. They were able to provide our office with 150 duffel bags, which will last about three or four months.


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