Sheila Rentfrow, Program Support Specialist

Sheila Rentfrow

Program Support Specialist

Sheila Rentfrow has been working with Benchmark Family Services, primarily as Treatment Director, since December 2006. Sheila has had experience in various other roles within Benchmark including Licensing, Intake/Placement, and Interim Regional Director in her nine years with the agency.  Most recently, Sheila joined the Program Support Team in April 2015, and currently works out of the Lexington Administration Building providing support and assistance to Benchmark’s Kentucky offices.  Sheila enjoys working closely with the local programs and staff to ensure positive programmatic development to ensure the highest quality of services for children and families.  Sheila obtained her Master of Science in Education from Eastern Illinois University in 1998 and has experience working with children for over 15 years providing crisis assessment and intervention, crisis/intensive counseling services, and pre-admission screenings for hospitalization of children in foster care, in accordance with child welfare programs in various other states including Illinois and Missouri.